Keep contact information updated

Parents and guardians who wish to receive messages from the West Side School District need to keep their contact information current by contacting the school. Community patrons who do not have a student enrolled but wish to receive announcements may submit phone numbers via the district website’s “Patron Call Messaging” form.

Voice and text messages are sent to phone numbers populated by the student information system. When phone numbers change, parents and guardians should promptly notify the school at (501) 825-6258. They should also do that with address information to ensure timely delivery of postal mail.

Anyone who has an Android or Apple smartphone may download the free West Side School District mobile app from Google Play or the iTunes Store. When “push notifications” are sent to the device, important messages are immediately displayed. Those messages are the same as the broadcast messages sent via text and voice and the messages posted to the district’s Live Feed and News and social media channels Facebook and Twitter.