To promote healthy competition that focuses on the discipline, hard work, and character of student-athletes, West Side School District encourages fans at athletic events to cheer enthusiastically and resist poor sportsmanship. Accordingly, the school district has adopted a Code of Conduct applicable at all athletic events. The intention of the Code of Conduct is to minimize focus on fans and maximize focus on student-athletes.

The policy adopted January 28, 2019, follows ...

West Side Public Schools

West Side School District strives to encourage good sportsmanship throughout our athletic programs, and this includes good fan behavior. We expect all spectators at any events to be respectful of players, coaches, officials and other spectators. Fans are encouraged to applaud the efforts of their team but should not engage in any behavior that is critical, distracting or derogatory toward opponents or officials. We believe that you should let the players play, the coaches coach and the officials officiate. Our school will not permit any behavior that detracts from the proper conduct of the game or disadvantages a player or team.

Fans WILL:

  1. Cheer with respect and good sportsmanship
  2. Treat all participants of the game with respect
  3. Support the efforts of the players and coaches regardless of the result
  4. Be positive with your words to the players, coaches or officials


  1. Ridicule, criticize, or show any signs of disrespect to officials, players, coaches, or any other attendee.
  2. Engage in the use of profanity or any activity that embarrasses others or prohibits them from enjoying the game.
  3. Interfering with the progress of the game
  4. Attend any game under the influence of alcohol or drugs


  1. 1st Offense – letter of reprimand; with possible suspension for 2 events
  2. 2nd Offense – Suspension of 5 events
  3. 3rd Offense – Suspension of events for the semester
  4. 4th Offense – Suspension of events for the remaining school year; this suspension can roll over to a new school year

***Any athletic official, including but not limited to, contest officials, athletic director, superintendent, principal, dean of students, resource officer, game site supervisors and anyone else in an administrative role on the site, may uphold enforcement of an ejection.***