​WSHS Guidelines for Nov. 13 Virtual Day


West Side High School altered guidelines for the Friday, November 13, Virtual Day. Students will qualify for remote learning based on two criteria:

  • A grade in every course that is a "C" or above; and
  • No more than a total of two missing assignments.

On November 11, two days before the Virtual Day, X Period teacher will ask students to complete a Grade Check form. The form will list grades and the number of missing assignments in each class.

On the form, teachers will checkmark one of these two boxes:

____ Your child must be on campus for Virtual Day on Friday, November 13, due to low grades and/or missing assignments.

____ Your child does not have to be on campus, but can choose to be for Virtual Day.  He or she will still be expected to complete his or her assignments by 3:08 p.m. Friday, November 13.

Parents must sign the form, and it must be returned to the student’s X Period teacher. The school intends to use this form as a method to communicate regularly with parents about student’s grade, even when there is no Virtual Day scheduled.

Suggestions to Students

  • Turn in all assignments on time between now and November 11.
  • Check Home Access Center, or HAC, to determine if you have any missing assignments, and talk to those teachers about making up the assignments.
  • Most students who turn in every assignment will make a "C" or better. However, keep your grade well into the "C" range so a dip in grade doesn't knock you out of the Virtual Day.
  • Continue to submit assignments on time and make up missing assignments because the guidelines will change before the December 13 Virtual Day.

If you have any questions, please contact teachers or the school at (501) 825-7241.