The novel coronavirus may have disrupted on-campus learning, but it didn't stop West Side High School from issuing awards based on academics, character, and effort. In fact, many students maintained their academic discipline through the difficult final weeks of school and are now being publicly recognized.

With no public ceremony to pass along kudos and awards to students, we ask friends, family, and community to help spread the handshakes and highfives to students — in a socially responsible way, of course. Also, we ask that the students listed here, who have not already received the award by mail, to come by the High School office to pick up their awards. The office is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon Friday.

The award for Citizenship -- the top award presented -- goes to one junior high and one senior high student based on dependability, responsibility, respect by peers and teachers, honesty, demonstration of willingness to be of service to others, conduct, and character. The winners are Kaleb Tangen, a junior, and Mason Thomas, a seventh-grader.

The Outstanding Student awards, based on athletics, creativity, and extracurricular involvement, were given to senior high and junior high girls and boys. Alex Southerland, Braden Magness, Alyssa Smith, and Dax Hipp were the respective recipients.

The senior high and junior high students whose academic standing, behavior, and attitude have improved the most were chosen for the Most Improved. They are Patience Maldonado and Emma Heier.

The Mr. and Miss West Side award is presented to the senior girl and boy who exhibit the school spirit, strong work ethic, and extracurricular involvement. Alex Southerland and Braden Magness are the recipients of the award.

Arriving 11 minutes late for a single 45-minute class period can wreck perfect attendance, but these students persevered and missed not one period of one day: Lexie Ashlock, Kaleb Tangen, EmaSue Thompson, Emma Johnson, Zack Birmingham, and Brooke Harper.

Several students were recognized for all A’s and A/B Honor Roll — with no “C” or lower on a report card grade. Many other students earned academic awards chosen by instructors of courses at West Side, by vocational instructors, or by online instructors. Those students are:


  • Allisa Allen, Visual Art IV

  • Madison Bailey, online Economics with Personal Finance and online Human Anatomy & Physiology, Accounting I

  • Madison Barr, Food Safety & Nutrition

  • Matthew Beck, online Oral Communications

  • Charles Bunton, online U.S. History, online English 12, Geometry B, EAST IV

  • Rayne Cottrell, Art History

  • Zayn Craig, all A/B honor roll, AP Computer Science Level 1 & 2, Family & Consumer Science

  • Kaylee England, online Fashion Merchandising

  • Gage Fetterman, PE 9-12, Semester 1

  • Kamren Johnson, online Sports Entertainment & Marketing

  • Matthew Keaton, Outstanding Advanced Stick Welder, Outstanding Tig Welder, online Concurrent Credit World Civilization

  • Hannah Long, Precalculus, Yearbook/Journalism

  • Braden Magness, Mr. West Side all A/B honor roll, Senior High Outstanding Boy, Linear Systems & Statistics

  • Mekaelyn Ramsey, online Introduction to Medical Terminology

  • Connor Rice, Sr. High Math

  • Caleb Rose, English 12 Transitional Literacy

  • Sarah Smith, Precalculus, all A/B honor roll, Social Media & Communications, Psychology

  • Alex Southerland, Miss West Side, Precalculus, online College Algebra (Semester 2), Senior High Outstanding Girl, Advertising & Graphic Design, Sr. High Math Award, 

  • Andrew Turner, Carpentry, Plumbing, online Quantitative Literacy, Outstanding Pipe Welder


  • Lucas Alumbaugh, Dramatic Literature (Semester 2)

  • Lexie Ashlock, online German II, AP Language, all A/B honor roll, Band (Governor’s Award), Pre-AP Algebra II, Perfect Attendance

  • Jacob Ballard, all A/B honor roll

  • Nathaniel Bittle, all A/B honor roll

  • Tanner Fife, Carpentry, Plumbing, all A/B honor roll, Environmental Science, Outstanding Welder

  • Haley Gentry, all A/B honor roll, Algebra II, online College Comp. II

  • Austin Hewett, all A/B honor roll

  • Jozie Hovick, Foundations of Healthcare, Introduction to Medical Terminology, Pathology

  • Dawson Inzer, online College Comp I, online Introduction to Criminal Justice, all A/B honor roll, Sr. High English Award

  • Ashton Klepko, Integrated Chemistry, online Concurrent Credit Experiencing Art (Semester 2), online Public Speaking, all A’s honor roll, online Concurrent Credit Spanish I

  • Suzannah Maez, Sr. High English

  • Barrett Smith, Internship, Outstanding Stick Welder

  • Kamryn Sutterfield, online Health & Wellness, English 11, all A/B honor roll

  • Kaleb Tangen, Senior High Citizenship, online Digital Photography I, all A/B honor roll, Perfect Attendance, online Concurrent Credit U.S. History to 1877, Senior High Science Award

  • EmaSue Thompson, Perfect Attendance, online Foundations of Sports Medicine, Visual Art I

  • Taylor Wagner, Visual Art II


  • Hannah Berry, Dramatic Literature (Semester 1)

  • McKenna Bittle, Algebra B, Integrated Biology

  • Asa Carr, all A/B honor roll, Outstanding Metal Fabrication

  • Caleb Davis, Band 9-12

  • Josh Embrey, all A/B honor roll, English 10, Pre-Ap American History

  • Kortnee Finch, all A/B honor roll

  • Kendra Harness, all A’s honor roll, Oral Communications (Semester 1), Child Development & Parenting

  • Emma Heier, Senior High Most Improved

  • Whitney Hickey, all A’s honor roll, Art History - Baroque to Postmodern, online Spanish I, Geometry, EAST II, American History, Pre-AP English 10

  • Emma Johnson, Perfect Attendance

  • Ashtyn Knapp, all A/B honor roll, Pre-Ap Integrated Biology

  • Thomas Murphree, Oral Communications (Semester 2)

  • Caitlyn Salazar, all A’s honor roll


  • Zack Birmingham, all A’s honor roll, Perfect Attendance, Economics with Personal Finance, Jr. High Quiz Bowl, Jr. High English Award, Jr. High Science Award, History Department Award, Civics

  • Kayla Coker, Choir 9-12, Algebra A

  • Kirby Cothren, all A/B honor roll

  • Blade Gann, Jr. High Math

  • Dax Hipp, all A’s honor roll, Junior High Outstanding Boy, Civics, Survey of Business, Jr. High Quiz Bowl

  • Hope Lockley, Geometry A

  • Natalie Long, Jr. High English

  • Patience Maldonado, Junior High Most Improved

  • Felica Medeiros, all A/B honor roll

  • Sylas Passmore, EAST I

  • Willow Passmore, all A’s honor roll, Outstanding Mig Welder

  • Makenzie Pemberton, all A/B honor roll, English 9, Economics with Personal Finance, Jr. High Quiz Bowl

  • Alyssa Smith, Junior High Outstanding Girl, Jr. High Quiz Bowl

  • Melisa Treat, all A/B honor roll, Civics, German I, Integrated Physical Science

  • Marissa Wilson, all A/B honor roll, online World History


  • Anthony Antonacci, all A/B honor roll, Math 8

  • Lorelei Buster, Health & Safety 8, Term 4

  • William Cantafio, Health & Safety 8, Term 3

  • Jacob Carlton, all A/B honor roll

  • Abbigayle Condery, Music 8

  • Jacey Corpier, all A/B honor roll

  • Allison Cothren, all A/B honor roll

  • Katie Davis, all A/B honor roll

  • Kadence Dilks, all A/B honor roll

  • Brooke Harper, Perfect Attendance, all A/B honor roll

  • Christina Justice, all A/B honor roll

  • Maggie Ott, Junior High Band

  • Lollie Parker, all A/B honor roll

  • Channer Smith, all A/B honor roll, Arkansas History 8, Jr. High Quiz Bowl

  • Claira Smith, Visual Art 8

  • Grant Wells, all A/B honor roll, American History 8, Science 8, English 8, Jr. High Art, Jr. High Math Award, Algebra I


  • Lacy Baker, all A/B honor roll

  • Cameron Berry, all A/B honor roll

  • Deeanna Carlton, all A/B honor roll, Music 7

  • Shanea Carlton, all A’s honor roll, Math 7, English 7 (7th period)

  • Kylie Dunigan, Beginning Band

  • Logan Fife, all A/B honor roll, Science 7

  • Ryan Harris, Visual Art 7

  • Gabby Hipp, EAST JH

  • Jase Holt, Health & Safety 7 (Term 1)

  • Grayson Inzer, all A’s honor roll, World Geography, Health & Safety 7 (Term 2), Keyboarding 7 (Semester 1), Jr. High Quiz Bowl

  • Jacob Jones, all A/B honor roll, EAST JH

  • Jason Nott, Perfect Attendance

  • C.J. Parks, Keyboarding 7 (Semester 2)

  • Mandy Smith, all A’s honor roll, English 7 (5th Period)

  • Mason Thomas, Junior High Citizenship