Reminder About WSHS Plans for AMI Assignments

Here is what students and parents or guardians should know about AMI assignments:

AMI Day 1-4: Either in the fall or more recently, all teachers provided students with access to AMI Day 1-4 assignments. The “access” would be online through Google Drive or Classroom, (if you have Internet available) or a paper copy of the assignments. Remember, Day 1-4 assignments will be due as soon as we return to campus. You will not get credit for attendance if you have not completed each assignment. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING DAY 1-4 AMI ASSIGNMENTS UPON RETURN because there is no provision for making up AMI assignments.

If you cannot find Day 1-4 assignments, please come to the High School office before noon today or Thursday, or contact the school ASAP at (501) 825-7241, extension 506, or email

If you completed the AMI Day 1 assignment when the school dismissed January 25 for Mr. Long’s funeral, then you will use that for AMI Day 1. As a reminder, we later learned that we could not use AMI days on that occasion.

AMI Days 5-10: The Day 5-10 lessons have not yet been assigned. If school closure is extended, you will receive information about Day 6-10 assignments.

Check Postal Mail: Please check your post office mail today and tomorrow. In addition to important information from the counselor about coping with the stress caused by coronavirus, the High School mailed a large manila envelope yesterday with at least three items:

  • Term 3 Report Card

  • AMI assignments, Days 6-10, only if needed later

  • Virtual Arkansas AMI assignments, only if needed by students with no access to the Internet

Virtual Arkansas: Students in Virtual Arkansas courses have two options:

  • Students with Internet access should continue working in their online classes; or

  • Students without Internet access should complete Day 1-4 assignments mailed from the school.

COVID-19 Resources: It is vital that everyone, regardless of age, follow safety guidelines by washing hands often, limiting contact with often-touched surfaces, and maintaining distances with others and groups of 25 or more. Door knobs, countertops, and other commonly touched surfaces should be cleaned regularly with a commercial product that is designed for a coronavirus or a bleach solution.

Additionally, the state Department of Health and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a wealth of information on these and other topics:

Helping children cope with COVID-19 and worry

Plan, prepare, and respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019

How to protect yourself

Identifying symptoms, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath

Reducing stress in yourself and others