Green and White Games and results of Shootathon
High School Secretary Shannon Green
Thursday, October 05, 2017

Admission to October 10th Green and White games:

7th-9th Grade Boys Families bring Hand towels

7th-9th Grade Girls Families bring First Aide Supplies (No Peroxide)

10th-12th Grade Boys Families bring Detergent (Preferably Pods)

10th-12th Grade Girls Families Donations in any amount

General Public: Donations in any amount

Order of Green and White games:

5 pm 7th girls vs JG 
530 pm 7th boys gm
6 pm JG vs SG
630 pm 8th boys vs 9th boys 
7 pm SB gm (10th and 11th vs 12th)

Shootathon Results:

7th Girls winner: Madison Hooten 
7th Boys winner: Dominic Smith
Jr Girls winner: Kortnee Finch/Haley Gentry
Jr Boys winner: Travis Gentry and Keaton Dewberry
Sr Girls winner: Faith Birmingham (overall winner with 47/50)
Sr Boys winner: Trent Bentley