Grade 7-9 Green & White Campers
Curriculum Coordinator Matt Irwin
Monday, July 24, 2017

Grade 7-9 basketball players completed the Green & White skills camp last week at Brady-Hipp Arena, with several campers winning awards: Camper of Week Boy, Alex Eoff; Camper of Week Girl, Megan Miller; Layup Champ Girl, Emma Johnson; Layup Champ Boy, Dominic Smith; Free-throw Champ Girl, Shawna Carlton; Free-throw Champ Boy, Preston Story; Hot Shot Champ, Asa Carr; Knockout Champ, Zach Birmingham; 3-point Champ Girl, Alyssa Smith; 3-point champ Boy, Dominic Smith; Obstacle Course Champ, Preston Story; and Dunk Contest Champ, Kirby Cothren.